Of Making Many Books

IT STARTED: It was early 1978. In a few short weeks everything fell apart. Someone I thought I was building a home with wanted “freedom.” To satisfy that we moved 2,000 miles. She took the kids and began the legal process that would ultimately take everything apart. I had only despair. My livelihood was gone. […]

Ordination: My experience, reflections

I’ve been reading Barbara Brown Taylor. She writes an intensely personal reflection on her transition to private life. Read on. “And although I never found a church where I felt completely at home again, I made a new home in the world. I renewed my membership in the priesthood of all believers, who may not […]

The Steinway: Fur Elise

I woke this morning to the dulcet tones of “Fur Elise.” If you also got very far in those childhood piano lessons you also might have made it to Beethoven’s “Fur Elise.” I found her in the soft easy chair, watching the sun rise taking coffee from her new Mr. Rogers mug. “I’m centering myself” […]

Facebook Posts

Showering past 70: The problem with showers, they’re in bathrooms. And bathrooms have mirrors. Yuck. Past 70 we don’t look that good in mirrors. I go into the shower, you really need to get naked, but it’s no party looking down at an emaciated body. There’s nearly 100 lbs difference between when I was too […]

An Old Man’s Rumination

I want to walk in the Redwoods. One more time. Down that trail, behind the locked gate to the valley little known and little visted with those stout tall trees. The valley the rangers told us about. So green, so alive. I want to see again the rocky southern coast of Oregon, the creatures that […]

Me and Dad

DACA and Me

DACA and Me:   I may seem like a white bread Yankee American white man….but am I really? No matter where you stand on the issues of immigration, we all came sometime from somewhere.   I got to remembering a few nights ago those now gone but real people that I know now live in […]



I early learned in Cascade glaciers and snowy mountains to use the “Rest Step”. Climbing included a slight pause with each step. One always needs to have enough oxygen. But also the grip, how a foot is planted, the body steadied. Then ready for the next.   These sunbaked lower mountains and hills that surround […]

Gulden Spicy Brown Mustard

I was the chicken whisperer in our house. My job? To routinely go into the coop and gather eggs. I wasn’t very big when I started this role and full grown hens are rather proective of their nests, and their eggs. I learned to pull my hand inside my sleeves to cushion the attacks and […]

Soap is Slippery

I didn’t drop the soap this morning. That might seem trivial to you, but it’s a big deal for me. Soap bars are slippery. For a few years I’ve found independence in using a sponge and squeezing out a little liquid soap. Easier to hold onto. It wasn’t that long ago my unsteadiness meant I […]